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The One Called Pocahontas

On August 2, 3, & 4, 1996, the Powhatan Renape Nation produced and performed the play, "The One Called Pocahontas". This was a factual and educational play which detailed the true story around a Powhatan girl named Pocahontas. Presented by the members of the Powhatan Renape Nation, this original production presented the accurate version of the events of Pocahontas's life, unlike Disney's gross misrepresentation of historical facts. This play provided insight and information which is not widely available and at times, very distorted.

The specific purpose and inspiration behind this play can be best described by Chief Crazy Horse himself. Following is the speech Chief Crazy Horse presented at the play.....

"The Powhatan Renape Nation welcomes all of you to this event of sharing. We do so in the same spirit which our People felt when visitors came from other lands almost 400 years ago."

"Everywhere we look amongst us today and see family and friends. Because we are confident in our friendship with each other, we are able to talk about the truth without fear that our friendship will be damaged."

"Sharing, friendship and truth are powerful qualities which make a strong foundation on which we can build our future together."

"This play started to take shape when we heard that the Disney Studios were to make a movie about us, a movie entitled "Pocahontas." We immediately wrote Mr. Roy Disney to offer our assistance."

"We had already been subjected to 400 years of lies and distortions and we thought this was a good chance to cooperate. Disney wrote us back that our assitance was not needed - they had already decided just what they were going to do."

"We are very disappointed, amazed, and angry that Disney would be so insensitive to the feelings, circumstances and history of the living members of the Powhatan Nation - one of the most devastated nations on this continent. We had quite an exchange of correspondence: Disney said he had artistic license allowing him to entertain, uplift, and inspire without regard to the truth."

"And so it was that another generation was spoon-fed one of America's fondest myths - at our expense. That was when we decided to do this play, our own modest effort to use our artistic license without damage to the truth."

"Disney can have his destructive myths, and we can have our truth and friendship."

"Again, our nation welcomes you to the Rankokus Indian Reservation and to this event."

"Today we simply set out the truth as we know it so that we might use the past as a foundation for understatnding the present, and from that foundation, to move on as partners into the future."

Chief Roy Crazy Horse